Feudal Japan: The Shogunate Challenge Submission

Cze peku lineup1
Cze peku littleempressfinal1

Asuka is the young empress of the Fuyu clan. Her sister Kaiyo, the shogun, fights on the battlefield to keep her in power. While Kaiyo is away from the empress, she is guarded day and night by magic bells to keep her safe. They trail behind her.

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Samurai of the Fuya clan stride into battle accompanied by their ferocious but loyal macaques. These macaques sniff out enemies in the coldest winters and put up a hell of a fight in combat.

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Onikuma is a fiery bear deity who roams the Fuyu lands. He warms the air and the land but also steals livestock and crops from peasants.

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Fuya geisha are known to put on the most entertaining shows across all of Japan. But not all geisha are the same nor are all shows the same. Some move in subtle ways, as if controlled by near invisible strings, to machinations unknown to their guests.

Cze peku lordteiji1

Lord Teiji is meticulous to a fault. He acts as the loyal hand to the Empress, dealing with her proposals and offerings. Surrounded by a mysterious floating aura and a monkey sidekick, no-one knows exactly where he came from or what his intentions are.

Cze peku ninja1

During the long white winters of the Fuya lands, ninjas reign over combat in the snow. Co-operative in threes, they travel together hidden by a straw cloak that protects them from snow and blizzards. They use their cloak and the fallen snow as camouflage.

Cze peku shogun1

As a young child the shogun was cursed by the Monkey’s Paw and so she was isolated from her clan. She proved herself in battle after battle however, fighting to protect the very clan who outcasted her, earning the title of the youngest shogun.

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A humble family of traveling peasants that sell hot winter stew. They ramble through the Fuyu lands with their kitchen on their back. During the harsh winds of Winter their stew can be a life saver.

This is my entry for the shogunate challenge. Meet the Fuya clan!

October 16, 2018